Our Programmes


India has made tremendous progress in the last few years – more children are enrolled in education today than ever before. Yet, there is little to no improvement in the learning abilities of children living in disadvantaged communities. Part of the reason is the lack of qualified teachers and school leaders, inadequate infrastructure, and dated lesson plans.

Through Ignite, our supplementary program for underprivileged children, we strive to provide a safe, friendly, and conducive environment to ensure that students can access the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.


As it is, humanity is faced with critical challenges that need to be addressed immediately. Our problems affect every corner of the planet and every species that live on it. Though its effects are intensifying rapidly, we still have the time to escape the worst impacts and build a better future, provided we act fast and act right.

At this time of existence, inspiring stories and compelling arguments aren’t enough. We desperately need to take action. Through Catalyse, we work closely with volunteers and local communities on transformative initiatives to empower people living in underprivileged sections of the society and otherwise.


In most schools today, the curriculum becomes obsolete well before students graduate from the class. So, what does this mean for our future generations? For the future of our nation?

Centered around the holistic development of children, the Bhumi Fellowship aims to develop educational changemakers to lead the next movement in the public education system through Whole School Transformation.