Eco Champs

Environmental destruction is a critical challenge facing humanity. It affects every corner of the planet and every species that live on it. Though its effects are intensifying rapidly, we still have the time to escape its worst impacts and build a better future, provided we act fast and act right.


RTE 25 - Right To Education Awareness

In India, the circumstances we are born into predicts the kind of future we will experience. The division in the education system negatively impacts a student's ability to achieve learning objectives and undertake higher education.


Think Green

Our world is warmer than ever before. People and animals around the world are suffering the consequences of climate denial. With climate-related disasters piling up, season after season, we are approaching at a dangerous pace to irreversible change.


Seed Ball Programme

Living under the constant threat of natural disasters, it becomes vital for us to take protective measures. To focus our efforts on saving and conserving resources while giving back to the society through the restoration of the green cover.