Change Today.
Change Tomorrow.

Transforming together.

Bhumi was initially a collective dream of a small group of friends who wanted to change the society today and build a better India tomorrow. That dream unfolded itself into reality on August 15, 2006. Today, Bhumi is one of the biggest volunteer networks in the country.

At Bhumi, we seek to serve disadvantaged communities and bridge the gaps that exist in society. Our work is challenging and the problems we deal with are complex. But we know that we can get there – not alone, but together. From volunteers who are facilitating change in the grassroots level to the 9-year-old Preethi, who donated 100 rupees of her pocket money – we are in this together.

The way we see it, if you are going to go all-in, fight for change and transform the world, you may as well do it with people you like. The chapters of our lives add meaning to the work we do, and the work we do in turn, adds meaning to our lives.



To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society.


To drive social change by fostering an environment where young adults and children learn, lead, and thrive.

Where we work: Our Chapters

Every chapter has a distinct story. We start by identifying problems that are widespread globally and then scale solutions to a local level. 

Our Corporate Partners